The Ground Stroke:

A lot of players hit their groundstrokes short. Let’s try working on hitting your groundstrokes deeper in the court.

Two simple steps:
1. Clear the net by two racket lengths with the ball.
2. Extend your follow through and hold it longer.

Let Craig know if this helps you.

The Overhead Smash:

The overhead smash is used a lot in doubles. When players are attacking the net,they end up with one of two shots: the volley or the overhead. The overhead smash can be a powerful tool to have in your bag of shots. This shot is a lot of fun to hit. You can get a lot of frustration out by smashing the ball.

Three steps in improving your overhead:
1. Always turn sideways with your feet, with your racket up and your opposite hand pointing at
the ball.
2. Make sure you’re always under the ball, as if you are about to catch the tennis ball with your left hand. So many players don’t move their feet to get into the right position for the
3. Keep your head still while swinging at the ball and swing up through the ball, not down at the ball. These three points should help with the smashing shot.

Practice Your Weaknesses

Tennis players, in general, have a tendency to work on their strengths. For the next few months, let’s work on our weaknesses. For example, if one of your strengths is your forehand, then work on your backhand. If it's the first serve, then work on your second serve. If it is your forehand volley, then work on your backhand volley. It is very easy to start hitting your strengths, but to be a stronger player; you must practice your weaknesses.